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Beijing Zhong He Cheng Cheng  (ZHCC) Intellectual Property CO., LTD  (The original name was Beijing Guan Tao Patent Law Firm),which was approved by the State Intellectual Property Office of PRC (SIPO)and Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau in the June of 1999, was registered and founded at that time under the law at Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Hai Dian district, Beijing. After approval by SIPO in the June of 2004, then we were entitled to act as an agent for foreign cases. Our company was authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, State Forestry Bureau, SIPO,  Trademark Office under the state adminstration departments for industry and commerce by law. We are an Intellectual Property agency complex, with Patent agency, Trademark agency, plant varieties agency, copyright agency, services available in both the domestic and international spheres.

Mr Li (Li Guang Song), our company original corporate representative, qualified as a patent attorney, plant breeder’s right  attorney, and a lawyer. With many years of practice in this arcane field of law, he combines IP with Civil Law in order to furnish obligee the law service about IP and Civil Law and  protect their legal interest reliably. The present corporate representative, Mr Huang (Huang Jia Jun) is the original head of the patent office of technological department in the Ministry of Agriculture. Since China began to execute the system of patent protection, he keeps working as patent attorney and manager of patent fairs, with extensive experience in the preparation of patent and a wealth of IP academic knowledge.

Our staff, comprising of more than 10 specialist in patent agency who hold their Patent Agent Qualification Certificate, paralegals and law clerks, all have been in our law firm many years already. Most of them having the professional high-class title of a technical post in each area keep working at patent agency from the execution of implementing regulations of the patent law of PRC. Diverse team of attorneys brings its skills and experience to bear in providing the most cost-competitive services available in both the domestic and other countries in the world. Also we have a wealth of legal knowledge and experience in patent cases part-time agent.

We are also proud to represent a wide range of clients from TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY and other colleges, foreign-funded enterprises, and the domestic enterprises for a long time. We help them to fill plenty of applications for the patents that is specialized, high difficult, wide field that involved. 

Acquainted with the patent law and the activity in these areas, we file annually more than 800--1,000 new patent applications that involved national defence projects, electron, semiconductor, and microfabrication ,layout-designs of integrated circuits, electric, computer and communication engineering, control by automation, the new technique in Agriculture, pesticide, food engineering, pasturage, Fishery engineering , Biological and Medical Industry, Chemistry industry, biotechnological, foodstuff, light industrial, mechanical engineering, civil construction, new material, environment and other areas with the SIPO, and till now on have not found any cases were overruled for our patent agent yet.
Also we deal with more than 100 cases about invalid declaration for the patent right, patent disputes by our extensive law knowledge and efficiency in handling the case. Our clients trust our strength and give us good reputation.

In recent years, we begin fostering the high education background young attorney. These young blood make our company more competitive. Our attorneys all have fostered the good work style: to be diligent, cautious, actively, conscientious, high efficiency in their work.
Our company is the All-China Patent Attorneys Association Member. We have developed a strong business relationship with a network of over 100 enterprises and counsel firms, patent firms, trademark firms, IP consultant firms in both the domestic and other countries in the world. We has first-class patent lawyers and technical experts, equipped with modern office equipment and efficient management of software patent applications network monitoring system, In the "integrity rigorous, high-quality efficient" principle and dedication to provide first-class domestic and foreign customers, a comprehensive legal services in the field of intellectual property. Reasonable charges and honesty is the serving purpose of our company for clients throughout the country and the world!

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